HANDLING Complex Issues Dynamically


We had 60 diverse perspectives of a complex issue before close of business

Capturing others’ insights without having to call a meeting

The freedom of no preconceived answers and no fear of being candid

Case Story: Dairy Australia

Dairy Australia is the national association for dairy farmers and the dairy industry. DA’s role is to help farmers adapt to a changing operating environment and to assure a profitable, sustainable dairy industry.

Traditional methods of identifying risks to food safety across the dairy industry supply chain were no longer working. In addition, DA staff feared that new risks–unseen but significant–may also be developing.

The industry was urgently seeking a different approach to identifying risk, one that dynamically engaged all stakeholder interests.

WindTunneling Intervention
A day long Workshop for 60 people from all sectors of the dairy industry–researchers, educators, regulators, processors, farmers, retailers, transporters and consumers–was arranged.

Rather than working individually on the various WindTunneling activities, the participants worked in groups–6 participants with diverse backgrounds and responsibilities were seated at each of 10 tables. On each table was a computer that was connected to the online WindTunneling software so that the group could enter the results of their various directed conversations.

The conversations started with a brainstorming activity in which the participants were asked to generate a list of safety risks, both real and imagined, in the industry supply chain.

They were then asked to assess various risks from those which had been brainstormed according to 1) the impact on the industry and 2) the probability of the risk occurring in the next few years.

Finally they explored specific ways to increase the resilience of DA’s food safety prevention strategies in light of the emergent risks which had been identified..

Value of Intervention to DA
Food safety is the highest priority for any food system, and early prevention of possible sources of risk is of immense value. Risks identified in this program were seen as significant to maintaining the public’s health as well as the industry’s safe and healthy image.

Actions taken as a result of WindTunneling Outcomes
Extensive research was undertaken by DA to fully understand the new risks which had been highlighted and to design appropriate prevention strategies in response.

WindTunneling is a new social form –

designed by social architects to enable organizations and communities to effectively tap what resources they have and share their knowledge so that they can see and build new options for a preferred future.