ANTICIPATING the Impacts of Change


Our job is to be awake to weak signals and share them early

Being involved in “What if?” thinking to help us build resiliance

Shifting expectations so fear does not drive us to avoidance

Case Story: Wind Harvest International

After nearly 20 years of researching and testing vertical axis wind turbines, Wind Harvest International has developed patented technology with the potential to profoundly change the wind energy industry.

The primary challenges facing WHI at this critical point are, first, how to most effectively handle the transition from a research to a production oriented company; and, second, how to manage threats to future success during that transition.

WindTunneling Intervention
WHI made the choice to use systemic methods and tools to navigate their transition, and WindTunneling was embedded in this process.

As the company worked to design the transformative strategies and operational programs which would enable it to change the game in the wind energy industry, WindTunneling’s primary role was to assess the type and degree of risk posed by the various design decisions being considered.

Value of Intervention to Wind Harvest
The successful transformation of WHI–enabling the company to bring its patented technologies into the mainstream of wind energy generation–is valued at billions of dollars. Identifying minimum risk pathways for this transformation is credited with being a critical factor in achieving the technology’s potential.

Actions taken as a result of WindTunneling Outcomes
An array of systemic methods including WindTunneling continue to be central to WHI’s future planning.

WindTunneling is a new social form –

designed by social architects to enable organizations and communities to effectively tap what resources they have and share their knowledge so that they can see and build new options for a preferred future.